How Do You Prefer His Arsenal?

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In his 616 stories, do you prefer Frank to use conventional/more realistic weapons or do you like the character using sc-fi/fictional gear such as Pumpkin Bombs, laser guns, the Satan Claw, Pym Particles etc?

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I prefer realistic weaponry... But if the threat is greater to handle with conventional weapons why not to try something "different"? It wouldn't be de first time.

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The only incarnation of the Punisher I enjoy is the MAX one, under Garth Ennis. When he's written as 'real-world' as possible with 'real-world' ordnance is when I find him most enjoyable. Punisher in tights and fighting supervillains with gadgets just isn't my thing - I feel like I can get that kind of stuff from any other comic vigilante.

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Typically I have only liked it when the Punisher has used real world weapons. He is a marine so he should use the weapons a marine would use.

That being said, I really liked how Rucka had the Punisher use various superhero weapons in a real world setting. He used them very scarcely and they were only used for the payoff of a big mission. Not for every-day criminals. For example, I don't think the Punisher should be swinging around with Spider-Man's web shooters every night... but for him to use them ONCE for a mission to take down a big time bad guy would be just fine.

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As with most, Punisber Max is my main man. I love reading him rambling on with firearm jargin.

Definitely real word weapons for me.

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Well said Veshark

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