Favorite Punisher Kill

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Whats your favorite Punisher kill? Who he killed or How he killed them?
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Does this include all versions of Punisher or just 616?
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Issue: MAX  45 
Victim: Mobster Tony Pizzo 
 Method: After setting off an explosion that wounds Pizzo and kills many of his friends, The Punisher walks up to him, pins him down with a foot on his chest, then coldly finishes him off with a single shot to the head. Perfect, character defining moment for me.
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I loved in the arc just after civil war when he poisined everybody as they drinking at their friends funeral who he just had killed the week before. 
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all versions feel free to list whatever  
Mine was when he fed that dude to the shark and during civil war when Capt finally lets him on the team he kills jack o lantern
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one of my personal favorites
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@ZORN said:
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Damn, beat me to it. I was just trying to find a scan of this. Good call.
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sometimes the most simple is the best and the Cop's reaction is pretty funny too "GODDAMIT Castle"! :) gotta watch this movie one of these days



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