Does the Punisher make a good dad? Why or why not?

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Posted by KidRobin1996 (383 posts) 4 years, 1 month ago

Poll: Does the Punisher make a good dad? Why or why not? (16 votes)

Yes, maybe even better than Batman 44%
No, wouldn't be any better than even Norman Osborn 56%

Recently I made a post concerning the comparison of parenting skills between Bruce Wayne and Norman Osborn yet I believe the answer is quite unanimous that Bruce is the better father.

But then I ask what about Frank Castle given the entire reason he shoots vigilantes is because he was a dad. So that leaves me wondering: If Frank Castle visited Haly's Circus the night of the Flying Graysons' Tragedy, will he be a good candidate to take their son Dick into his custody?

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I'm not sure if I understand the question... if we're talking about Frank Castle before he became the Punisher, then he would be a good father to him, but he already has his own two kids to take care of.

If we're talking about him as the Punisher, the answer is no. When the Punisher says, "Frank Castle is dead" that means the loving husband and father is gone, the only thing that's left is the solider. The Punisher doesn't have time to raise a kid in any way and he would never train a child how to kill or anything that he does. He doesn't want others following his path as shown during the Circle of Blood storyline with the group known as The Trust.

In the Welcome Back Frank storyline with the Vigilante Squad.

When the Punisher went to Russia, he told a little Russian girl to never play with guns.

In theWidowmaker storyline, Frank tells a cop, "Do you want to be me?"

When he told O'Brien’s twin sister to never tell anything about him to the daughter that he accidentally had with her.

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idk id want the punisher as a dad tho

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@lsrotj: I was referring to Frank AS the Punisher if say during a one in a night break from his killing of crooks, he and Microchip visit Haly's Circus the night after John Grayson turned down Boss Zucco's protection racket resulting in an "accident" for both him and his wife Mary all the while Dick was forced to watch.

If you can please send me a link to any sort of storyline where Punisher directly states he doesn't want a partner like Dick Grayson. Thank you :-)

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The answer is still no, Mircochip (if he was still alive) wouldn't approve of it, his own son got killed.

Frank said "He doesn't look much older'n twenty"

Frank told him it that it wasn't a game working with him and that it wasn't safe

Welcome Back, Frank

He denounced them for taking down at least four innocents in their various missions. They outlined their plans to him and asked if that wasn't exactly what he wanted. He answered, "No" as he unleashed a hail of bullets on the trio.

Long Cold Dark

Frank once had a dream if he never became the Punisher, since he was a Vietnam vet, he's asked about Iraq.

He didn't want his daughter to know anything about him, he knows what kind of life he has and doesn't want her or anyone living that type of life.


Frank would kill those who killed Dick's family rather than let him become of what he is.

He's talking about Jenny Cesare

I have to say that I'm not surprised that I'm the only one here who gave an actually answer with images and quotes to back it up... this place truly lacks actual Punisher fans or anyone with common sense...

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@lsrotj: ok I can see your point than that leaves me wondering if Punisher isn't the best street level crime fighter in the Marvel Universe to adopt Dick after his parents' "accident" by mobsters than who do you suggest?

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Hmmmm? I'm not sure, I've never given any thought to something like that.

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@lsrotj: well you would be surprised how many Marvel characters are fathers (Dr Doom,Mr Fantastic,Magneto,Cable,Professor X,Deadpool hell by some extent even Wolverine) so maybe the chance of giving someone like say Iron Fist, Tony Stark hell maybe if we're lucky even Peter Parker the chance of fathering someone like Dick since according to comic mythos: Dick brings joy and brightness to any character facing dark times like Batman.

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