Do you think the Punisher is a Libertarian?

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I read a couple of old issues illustrated by whilce portacio. I think it was number 41 where he was a substitute teacher taking down drug dealers working for the kingpin. It was pretty cool. Anyway, it got me thinking. The narration is always in first person. Do you think the punisher's ever said anything to reveal how he feels about government and taxes? I think he may be a Libertarian, but what do you think?

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I don't think politics really matter to him

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His only goal is punishing one person at a time. Politics at all probably piss him off.

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Has he ever targeted crooked politicians, because that would make for a pretty cool fallout. 

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Depends on the writer and how much political self-injection they engage in.

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Read In the beginning In the max series there is a brief moment where frank discusses the issue with government funded war's and government officials
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If you have to classify the Punisher politically he would be to the right on the political spectrum. The Punisher is surely for the death penalty without a doubt, and has a mistrust of government that is quite obvious.

@The_Peter_Cosmic said:

Has he ever targeted crooked politicians, because that would make for a pretty cool fallout.

He's dealt with them before during Mike Baron's run and Garth Ennis Marvel Knights run.

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I think that " In the End" when he found the shelter he killed some politicians too.

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@Bionder: I just read the last part of In The End to check. It was people who were profiteering from the world war, there could have been politicians in that bunker (the president was stated to be in another bunker), but it didn't explicitly say.
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yeah thanks for that, i wasn't sure either. I remember in Mike Baron's Run, Frank kills some familiar related to a politician because he was connected to some kind of drug cartel. That politician begins a manhunt to capture Frank with some special police task force V.I.G.I.L. i guess. I liked that arc.

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#11 Posted by Superguy0009e (2404 posts) - - Show Bio

in the ultimate universe, he talked about how he wanted sarah palin to win the election

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