Did you like The Punisher as a kid?

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The first time i ever seen  The Punisher, Spiderman had webbed up his scope. I think a lot of us remember this as the infamous cutscene from the original and best PS1 Spiderman game.  
I was intrigued by that skull. And the atitude. And the gun. Something that no one else carried.  Me and my buddy were playing through the game, and the same thought crossed our tiny nine year old minds- Who was this guy?
The Punisher was a killer, i knew that right away. I seen the Tom Jane movie when i was 13, and i thought it was cool, but the first time i ever knew it was love was when i played The Punisher on ps2. I think we all remember that piece of vicious brilliance. We all remember sticking that dudes head in the cieling fan, and feeding him to the shark down the pier. (I still play it like a religion). We all love Garth Ennis' work, and we all hang our heads in shame at the merest mention of Frankencastle. 
But what i want to know what was your first introduction to Mr. Castle, and what made you love his stories? How old were you when bought that first issue he was in?
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The first comic I ever bought was a Punisher comic back in like '86 or '87. I wanted a Spider-Man comic, but all I could find was this guy's comic guest starring Spidey. I still remember the first couple of pages. Frank was on a house boat frying bacon and these two guy break in. He whips the bacon grease in one thug's face and takes uses the pan on the other. I've been a Punisher fan for over 20 years now.
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Thats cool man. The first issue of the punisher i ever bought was actually a trade paperback from the max series, The slavers.
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Yeah, first saw him in my dad's dvd collection, it was that Dolph Lundgren movie, never read any of the comics until like 2006 if I recall correctly.

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spiderman animated series, yes i did same goes for blade lol

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the tom jane punisher movie in my 10 year old mind did not know what it was going to  be granted it wasnt anything close to the comic,but still I thought "oh hey,its a marvel movie,SUPERHEROS!" wrong, ever since i have been hooked.

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I really enjoyed that Tom Jane movie (especially the extended cut). I think the first Punisher book I bought was the Tyger. This was around 2007.

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My older cousin gave me Punisher books to read back when the first ongoing started. I was warped from that point forward.

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No (my first experience with him was during the 90s Spider-Man show, where virtually every guest star was insufferable), but I love him now.

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Punisher always scared me as a kid. I was firmly in the "being a superhero would be fun" frame of mind, and here was a guy with obsession, guilt, brutality. It was too much for my little psyche to process.

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