Can't he have only one equipment?

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Posted by Kazuma14 (1844 posts) 2 years, 11 months ago

Poll: Can't he have only one equipment? (13 votes)

Nah! He's cool with a Bunch of them. 85%
In my honest opinion, Yes! just one. 0%

Because I wonder if he still could fit all of these tools in his marine bag.

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He'd be dishing out punishment a lot more effectively if he carries more than one weapon/equipment to a fight.

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#2 Posted by RDClip (2792 posts) - - Show Bio

You mean like Punisher should only use one gun?

No, Punisher is a normal human using military tactics. Soldiers have a main weapon, but always carry a sidearm. I understand that some are even taught to knife fight. He is also highly trained, so I assume he is able to use an array of military weapons.

Punisher also encounters his enemies in different situations that would require different weapons for him to kill them with the highest efficiency. Sniper rifles, explosives, machine guns, etc.

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