Can Their Be a Real Life Punisher

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Well, Castle is definitively one of the most plausible superheroes in the real world, and could take down some crime factions and what not, but later on I see the FBI or police 
arresting him after tracking him down and sent to prison. 

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There will never be a true real life version of the Punisher for several reasons.

1. Regardless of what people think getting automatic weapons is beyond a pain in the ass in the United States. A civilian needs a special license to buy them which requires a pretty detailed back ground check and the authorities in the area you live can actually deny you the ability to purchase one even if you do meet the requirements. That's the reason why you don't see gang bangers being caught packing M240Bs and other such weapons. You can even take this a step further with someone in the military going AWOL and deciding to become a vigilante. First most soldiers do not have access to their company’s armory even if they do have access to the armory they do not keep ammo in the armory as well. So that leaves you with the weapons but not the ammo. Civilian ammo will cause military weapons to jam and damage the weapon so some soldier going postal and becoming a vigilante isn't going to be running around with military grade weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo. Even Garth Ennis acknowledged this somewhat in his Marvel Knights run during the story arc "Streets of Laredo" talking about how difficult it is to get military grade weaponry.

2. The amount of cash you would get killing local drug dealers and taking their money would not give you enough cash to buy armored vehicles or be able to mount miniguns to them like the General Electric XM214 Minigun which costs $25,000 just for the gun alone without taking into account ammo which it can go through rather quickly like 166 rounds per second quickly which tends to get very expansive so the whole battle van thing the Punisher had in his earlier comics you can toss right out the window for a real world vigilante.

3. Rocket Launchers just not going to happen and I don't think I need to go into reasons why since I covered that already.

4. While one gunshot wound is not usually fatal the Punisher has been shot so many times that if he was a real life person he would already be dead or paralyzed with brain damage.

5. The criminal justice system in real life does have flaws but it is nowhere near as fubar as it is in comics so the authorities wouldn't let a vigilante go and they would definitely not aid them. For one it makes them look bad and public opinion would force them to stop the vigilante.

I could list many more reasons but I think everyone gets the point.

Now could there be a real life vigilante? Yes. The vigilante would be mostly using weapons like handguns, shotguns, tasers, etc. not military and law enforcement gear. Someone doing something similar to what Jodie Foster did in that one movie and what Charles Bronson did in the first death wish movie (not the retarded movies later on!) is realistic. When it comes to things like explosives a nail bomb, pipe bomb, and other types of IEDs could be made by a real life person but it’s doubtful they would get away after using them since the authorities would be there rather quickly. So in essence a vigilante could exist but they would be nothing like the Punisher.

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#53 Posted by Samimista (22297 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes but it wouldn't last long with the laws and police.

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#54 Posted by PowerHerc (86188 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, but not for long.

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#55 Posted by Glitch_Spawn (17181 posts) - - Show Bio

I like this thread. I don't usually do this. But, bumpty bumpty bump

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I see why not. The thing is that at least one of these things would have to change

  • His tactics. Busting down doors and unloading hundreds of rounds of 5.56 mm looks and sounds cool, but the reality is that he would run up on either a) too many goons (don't care how trained you are or how untrained they are, if 100 guys start attacking you, eventually one will hit you) or b) run into someone who is just as trained. Realistically, however, a Chris Kyled type Punisher - using distance and sniper training to his advantage - could actually work. Of course, there will be times that call for close quarters combat, but for the most part distance will be his friend.
  • No one could no he was Punisher. There are real life hitman out there who are responsible for dozens of deaths. You want to know why? Because no one knows who they are. If you go around machine gunning people with your face out in the public, it makes things way harder, such as buying resources, hiding out, getting health care (because eventually a bullet will land in his ass), etc. If he hides his identity or fakes his death, then it would make things way easier for him.

If he could do these two things, than I see why not.

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