Best Punisher series?

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Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and pretty much just getting into the comic book scene. I think The Punisher is a fantastic character and have always wanted to get into the comics. I was wondering if there was a general concensus on what the best series is? Or is it completely opinion based? I hear MAX is pretty good.
To help you help me, I like anti-heroes and violence (hence my affinity for The Punisher to begin with).

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MAX is the best Punisher series you can get, for mainstream continuity I'd reccomend Welcome Back Frank, it's one of the coolest Punisher stories i've read ever.

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Yeah like Gerald said Max is the best because in my opinion he fights drugsdealers and pimps or gangsters (wich makes it realistic) and i dont like the frankenstein thing they are doing now.
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Remender's book before Frankencastle.

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Punisher kills Marvel Universe

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The best story ever is THE PUNISHER BORN. Frank castles days in vietnam and the beginnings of the Punisher.  Theres a shot in it toward the end, ill not ruin it, but when you get the book and you seeit, you'll know the one im talking about.  The greatest moment of The Punisher ever written.Seriously dude, get the trade paperback. It'll blow yer mind. Ive been reading the punisher for the last 8 years and ive never seen a better story on the character.
 The best MAX book to get is the 8th one,widowmaker, in my opinion. The 1st, 3rd, 4rth, 6th,7th,9th and 10th books follow an ongoing story. Kitchen Irish(2nd) and the slavers (5th) are standalone six issue stories. But Widowmaker is the most realistic and best written i think.  Theres a brilliant one shot called the Tyger which is fantastic.
Check out the Marvel Knights books on The Punisher as well, their not as good as MAX, but their well worth the read.
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I've never been a punisher reader but if it helps you CBR made a list of the top 10 best punisher stories according to fan votes. Garth Ennis' run on the Max series had 8 out of the 10 spots along with another spot for his Marvel Knights miniseries

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anything that Garth Ennis wrote is a must!

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Call me crazy but my favorite was the Marvel Knights book where he had the crazy angel powers and could pull all sorts of guns from his coat.

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Yeah, definitely MAX. You'd better be prepared for some extreme violence, though.

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I personally really liked the "Welcome Back Frank" story-arc, so I'd recommend getting that to start out.  I'd also recommend the original run of the new Punisher War Journal with Matt Fraction writing, but mainly for the excellent art by Ariel Olivetti.

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I prefer Punisher: Born

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Some stuff from the 80's/90's, Garth Ennis stuff and Rucka's run.

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