Agree he would have killed Joker if Bats didn't come in?

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Ok I'm annoyed people say that just because Punisher had it aimed for Joker doesn't mean he would have killed him. Let me see I saw the picture and Joker realized soon enough after Punisher pointing his gun and saying

"I got all your treatment right here comedian."

The reality of the situation and this guy would do without a seconds hesitation not feeling bad as Joker is wretched psychotic mass murder without a concious. Let me add it was touching his forehead Joker isn't a Flash so it's very doubtful he would move out of the way.

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That flower of Joker's is a real pain, dude. Ultimately, I think if Punisher moved to Gotham, aside from weekly beat downs by Bruce, he would eventually be killed by Joker.

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oh the joker would have stopped frank killing him. hes a snake through and through, and theonly person that can kill him is himself.  
but frank did standa good chance, i have to say. 

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