riv1's Punisher War Journal #15 - Hunter/Hunted, Part 3 review

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My take on Punisher War Journal #15

Oh what a great, fun, action filled issue!

I didn't buy the ease with which Frank took out one of the characters, but hey, suspension of disbelief and all that.

Frank's synopsis of the situation at the story's start was pure Grade A Punisher. It doesn't get better than that and Fraction excels at the dry wit Frank's known for.

You get a few touchy feely moments carried over from the start of the arc and an ending that makes me wonder if there's going to be a


Punisher/Ka-Zar team up.

Kraven has Zabu as a pet?!?!? Where the Hell is Ka-Zar???? I really hope Fraction follows this up.

Savage Land adventures are always fun, from X-Men to Spider-Man and everyone in between, a Savage Land adventure is a fun ride. Lets buy a ticket, that's my take.

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