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Predictable But Satisfying End!

These covers continue to amaze me.  I really dig when I collect a series and that if I were to lay them all out over a table, they'd make a really outstanding sight.  I got that from this entire series; I'd be really happy to just show off the art on these covers. 
The Good:   
For a conclusive issue, it certainly has the momentum and pace to where you really want to continue reading.  I thought the family and daddy issues, normally pretty clichéd, were handled pretty believable and well thought out here.  What can I say, I continue to be impressed by Remender's writing, regardless of what others feel about him.  The art was extremely fitting too, although I'm still interested in seeing what Jigsaw would've looked like had he been illustrated by someone else. 
The Bad: 
There actually isn't all that much bad with the issue, but I just think that it felt a little flat .  After four great issues, this one was a little predictable.  I guess I was wanting just a little bit more from the story and it didn't quite deliver.  I am still pleased and enjoyed the run a whole lot, just that tiny, tiny bit of unexplainable disappointment in the series.  It's hard to explain without giving too much away. 
This is certainly a great series to collect in trade.  Individual issues are certainly really great tales, but the entire series as a whole, if you sit down and consume it in one read, might be a whole lot more satisfying than waiting it out for almost half a year. 

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