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Jake Gallows was an officer of the Public Eye police force when his mother, brother, and sister-in-law were killed, and he himself seriously injured, in an attack ordered by Venom 2099. Following his recovery, he discovered the war journals of the original Punisher, Frank Castle, along with a note reading, "You who find this, I charge you to carry on my work." Gallows became the new Punisher, immediately seeking vengeance upon Venom before taking up a crusade against crime with a wider scope, tending to focus specifically on criminals who preyed upon the poor, since those without money were largely ignored by the police, as well as those rich enough to get away with their crimes by way of hiring high-priced attorneys or buying off key figures.


Punisher 2099 was created by writers Pat Mills and Tony Skinner and artist Tom Morgan and first appeared in Punisher 2099 issue 1 (1993).

Major Story Arcs

Punisher of 2099

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In addition to an array of weaponry which included both the cutting-edge of 2099 technology and older, more traditional firearms, the new Punisher's primary piece of equipment was his cybernetic suit, which increased his physical abilities, allowed him to learn various martial-arts techniques instantly, and hid his identity from many forms of electronic surveillance via a face-scrambler which caused the ubiquitous cameras and other recording devices on city streets to display a pixellated skull which obscured his face.

World of Doom

After the takeover of the United States by Victor Von Doom, Gallows served in Doom's "Black Cabinet" as Minister of Punishment, head of the Ministry of Punishment, where he was in charge of the nation's law enforcement. He later died defending Doom from his enemies.

Weapons and Abbilities

His notable weapons were a minigun, a large revolver,a pair of laser/blaster pistols and a spiked club.


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