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AHHH!!!! Real FrankenCastle!!??!?

Well, here we are at the rebirth of The Punisher as something other than, well the Punisher.  If you picked up The List - The Punisher or have been tracking the teasers Marvel's been dropping for sometime, then you know Frank Castle has been crossed off Norman's list o' death.  
Surprisingly the issue covers some good ground developing Frank's new lease on the (after) life. Which was pleasing honestly, after expecting the book to be one big extended teaser (which it's not, more than any on-going issue is). Remender shift's gears quite throughly, from a standard Frank Slay Gangsters Punisher story, to something more akin to the Zany classic Horror/Monster film Kitsch of Marvel Zombies. Personally I am digging this change, it was enjoyable to see how Frank paired with the "odds and ends" type characters that comprise the leadership of Monster Island.   
On to the art now taken over by Tony Moore, which in conjunction with the coloring really reminds me of that Nickelodeon show "AHH!!!! Real Monsters!".  Which is really cool me being a child of the 90's and all, it also marks the departure from the down and dirty vigilante Frank to Frankencastle. Moore's style is especially in the first couple pages, similar to JRJR's, which i found nice and facilitated the above mentioned transition.  
All in all, it was a very strong issue, IMO the best Punisher book in the current volume (excluding The List - The Punisher). Furthermore in combination with the The List book, this is an excellent jumping on point for new readers. So give it a try if your interested in classic film monsters or Remender demonstrating a new way to resurrect a super hero.

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