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    Autobot double-agent who is capable of transforming into a Decepticon alter-ego known as Counterpunch.

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    Punch & Counterpunch
    Punch & Counterpunch

    - “In my business, there are no friends, only suspects.”

    Punch is an Autobot with the unique transformation capability to change into a second robot mode. This secondary mode is known as the Decepticon, Counterpunch, an identity that allows Punch to infiltrate enemy ranks and spy on them from the inside.

    Major Story Arcs

    Marvel Comics Continuity

    Generation 1

    Fun Publications

    Shattered Glass

    "Shattered Glass" Punch

    Like his G1 counterpart this version of Punch is a double Agent. In Shattered Glass Universe Punch is one of Rook's co-reporters on the broadcast "Around Cybertron" as a Decepticon expert. He specializes in covering stories about traitorous Autobots meeting up with heroic Decepticon that looks like him (Counterpunch). Punch eventually leaves Rook and joins Esmeral at the "Decepticon Broadcasting Network".

    Powers & Abilities

    Punch is armed with a twin mortar launcher that fires highly-combustible firebombs.

    As Counterpunch, he wields a photon cannon which fires a high-density stream of energy that can scramble a Transformer's circuits. All Autobots however are outfitted with damper devices that reduce the cannon's effects, allowing its blasts to do much less damage to them, but still allowing Punch to fire upon them in order to maintain his Decepticon cover.


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