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    Pumyra is the only other female Thundercat. She serves as the team's medic.

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    Pumyra is a young female Thunderian introduced in the second season. this young woman, based on the puma, is a talented healer and medic. She uses her knowledge of Thunderian medicine, combined with the wide range of medicinal supplies to be found on Third Earth, to help heal and cure her fellow ThunderCats.

    Her compassionate nature lends to offering an alternative perspective, solving problems or conflict without fighting by using compromise and understanding. No romantic relationship has being established with her, as her importance diminished as the series went on. Possibly the most agile climber ThunderCat next to the Thunderkittens, Pumyra employs an incredible leaping ability — often able to vault higher than even great jumpers like Tygra or the ThunderKittens. In combat, she uses a special whipcord, which resembles a "cat’s tail," that can launch special pellets and spheres like an ancient sling.

    Pumyra, Lynx-O and Bengali tried to board the Thundercats flagship as it was leaving the dying planet of Thundera, but they were too late, the ship had to leave immediately. Fortunately they were rescued by a nearby Berbil Ship the ship was damaged and crashed on Third Earth, on a desserted island where the Thunderians and Berbils made their new home. When Mumm-Ra discovered there were other Thunderians on Third Earth, he sent Hammerhand and his crew to capture them, The Thunderians fought hard against them, but were ultimately captured. After being taken to fire rock Mountain, the Thunderians made an escape, with Pumyra knocked out Jackalman after causing a distraction, allowing them to get away. When the other Thundercats arrived and reunited with the Thunderians, they worked together to defeat the evil forces of Mumm-Ra. Pumyra asked to know their saviours name, and was told by Lynx-O that it was Lion-O, and, at Cats Lair, Pumyra was given the Thundercats insignia along with her friends, and officially joined the Thundercats. When all the ThunderCats left to establish and rebuild their New Thundera kingdom, she remained on the Tower of Omens while Tygra remained on Cat's Lair. When she lived on Thundera she learned about healing, these skills she applied as a ThunderCat.

    Thundercats 2011

    She is a Thunderian refugee forced to fight as a gladiator in a city of dogs known as "The Pit". While she is almost identical in appearance to her original counterpart, her personality was drastically changed, being more violent and hot-tempered. She was shown helping the Thundercats and even played Lion-O up in having feelings for him. She betrayed the Thundercats as she was a mole all along and helped Mumm-Ra retrieve the tech stone. Mumm-Ra and her are in love with each other. Like every other Thunderian, Pumyra possesses enhanced stats showing impressive agility, marksmanship skills and adept hand to hand capabilities. Her main weapon of choice is a wrist mounted bow which she can fire in rapid succession quickly and accurately. She also utilizes a bolo which she throws and it has a boomerang like effect to it, not to mention a small knife she carries.


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