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    Previously held captive by Project Rising Sun, Pulse is now an escapee who has joined forces with Bloodshot to gain vengeance against her former captors.

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    As a child Melissa Krajnak was forced to remain in a Project Rising Spirit facility because of her unique talents. Much of her past is yet to be revealed.


    Pulse was created by writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Arturo Lozzi and Manuel Garcia. She first appeared in the story "Bloodshot Part 2: Get Your Gun" in Bloodshot #2 (Aug. 2012).

    Major Story Arcs

    Pulse "asleep" at PRS

    Pulse was kept "asleep" for two years by Project Rising Spirit and was only awakened by Mr. Dodge under the order of Simon Oreck. Oreck wanted Pulse to disable the nanites in Bloodshot's system so he could be killed. However Bloodshot managed to escape thanks to Kara Murphy. The two then convinced Pulse to join their mission of exacting revenge on PRS.

    After being convinced by Bloodshot, she stays at a house as bait with Kara Murphy, so Bloodshot can follow them back to the base and figure out his name.

    She is eventually captured and thrown back into a cell to be taken care of by Gamma. Gamma comes to her room and tells her to follow her. Pulse refuses to come and Gamma beats her to near death. Kara Murphy eventually finds her and tries to help her escape. Pulse wants to help Bloodshot(who is fighting Gamma at the moment). She finds Bloodshot beaten to a pulp and fends off Gamma long enough for Bloodshot to recover. Gamma crushes Pulse's skull killing her, but Gamma was eventually killed by Bloodshot.

    Power & Abilities

    Pulse is a powerful psionic with the ability to unleash electromagnetic blasts that disable any electronic devices, including vehicles, within the blast radius. Her powers work similarly to an EMP grenade. She is also able to "shut down" a human brain with her abilities.


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