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Pulse is a member of the Foreigner's Death Squad and has a mission with his teammate Whisper to eliminate Betty Brant who has discovered something big with international ramifications involving the Foreigner. Pulse and Whisper look for Betty at her apartment in Queens when a neighbor noticed the costume killers. The neighbor couldn't hear a sound due to Whisper's ability to absorb all the noise and sound within a certain proximity. Pulse blasts opens Betty's door and Whisper throws a blade into the neighbor's chest. The two assassins walk away because Betty wasn't home and the neighbor can't even hear himself  die. 
Peter Parker finds Betty the next day and the two have a talk at a local coffee shop. Betty tells Peter that she has gone deep undercover for an assignment given by Jonah Jameson and discovered big news regarding assassins and terrorism involving the Foreigner. Suddenly Peter can't hear a thing even when the windows at the cafe explode. Parker jumps behind a counter and out comes Spider Man. Betty and Spider Man take on Pulse and Whisper inside the coffee shop. Whisper jumps onto Spider Man's back with a blade in his hand while Pulse takes aim. Spider Man flips Whisper over and gets shot in the back by Pulse. Whisper is dead and Pulse tells the main frame that their mission has to be aborted because Spider Man has intercepted them. Pulse sits next to Whisper's body and executes the failsafe transmission data from his wrist. Spider Man and Betty barely escape when Pulse activates a self destruct sequence and kills himself.
Spider Man would follow Betty as she goes into the Foreigner's corporate building to kill him. They are confronted by two other members of the Death Squad called Warfare and Swift. S uddenly Spider Man can't hear a thing and sees Whisper and Pulse appear nearby. The assassins go after Spider Man and Betty and Swift is killed by a blade thrown by Whisper which was meant for the wall crawler. Whisper is accidentally taken down by Pulse and then Warfare kills Pulse when he tries to gun down Spider Man. Warfare is taken down with one punch after he is disarmed by Spidey's webbing. The Foreigner appears on a television screen and informs Spider Man the origin of the Death Squad. The members were given their special abilities and high tech gear by the Foreigner's lab boys. Each Death Squad member also had brain implants to collect battle data which was transferred to the main computer. The information from past battles passes on to the next volunteer and the Foreigner had a long waiting list.     


Pulse was created by Howard Mackie and Alex Saviuk in 1992 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 91. 
Pulse, Silence, and Swift-1 reappear sometime later and go after the Foreigner when he is branded a renegade. Foreigner is attacked outside his storehouse where several of his men were slaughtered inside. Pulse would disarm the Foreigner after he kills Silence but Spider Man arrives. Spider Man knocks Pulse down with a kick and the Foreigner activates his self-destruct control which was built in his wrist gauntlet. Pulse is killed in the explosion and Swift-1 is eventually killed by Deadaim for failing his assignment.

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Pulse is high tech mercenary that can emit a powerful pulse blast from his wrist gauntlets. The pulse blast is capable of producing enough heat to cause a concrete floor to turn into a puddle. Pulse has enhanced strength and was able to snap Spider Man's webbing in half. Pulse is formidable in hand to hand combat and his suit also provides him with enhanced durability.

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