Pulsar Stargrave

    Character » Pulsar Stargrave appears in 40 issues.

    Pulsar Stargrave is an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes who has the power of a living star. He has repeatedly lied about his identity and origin.

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    In the latter part of the 30th Century a being known as Pulsar Stargrave became one of the most dangerous and evil foes in the United Planets' sphere of influence. Considered a peer of Mordru, Stargrave struck at the Time Trapper and Mordru through the Legion of Super Heroes.

    At one point Stargrave posed as the father of Brainiac Five and on another occasion he pretended to be the original Brainiac. Each time using the powers he recieved from a stellar accident. He also claims to have the powers of a living star, projecting great heat, light and energy. His physical characteristics indicate he is a native of Colu, homeworld of Brainiac Five. He was assisted initially by two aides; Quicksand, a beautiful young woman with the power to make anything liquid and Holdur, who had a vice-like grip.

    Post Crisis

    Reinvented as a different character Mr Starr.

    New 52

    Pulsar Stargrave has been kidnapped by Larfleeze. It is unknown how he came to be stranded in the early 21st Century. He traken the place of Sayd and his job is to transcribe the life story of Larfleeze. Larfleeze is watching tv and hears of another Orange Lantern and leaves to find this Orange Lantern. Stargrave talks to an unseen individual and when Larfleeze arrives back to his cave he is surprised to found everything is stolen even his life story book.


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