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    Puff is a female version dragon and friend of Lockheed.

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     During the Secret WarsKitty Pryde's dragon, Lockheed went missing throughout the entire adventure only to come back towards the end. When he returned, he returned with Puff, a female dragon that's the same species as him. When the X-Men teleported back to Japan, the dragon came with them but grew into a giant dragon and pulled havoc on the city of Tokyo, until Lockheed told her to go away. 

    Shadow & Flame

    Much later,Kitty Pryde receives a letter from Japan, ordering her to come to Japan with her dragon. Included is a picture of the mystery dragon, Puff. At the Tokyo airport, Kitty is expected by a government agent named Ryoko Oshiba. Kitty learns that it wasn’t Ryoko who sent that letter, but a ninja group called the Path of Destiny. They also stole the dragon from the government. 
    The Path of Destiny’s leader, Nao, tells Kitty of the organization’s plans and shows her one of the items meant to help the organization in becoming recognized again, one of Japan’s five Swords of Secrets. When Kitty asks what will happen if she refuses to lead them, Nao threatens to kill the dragons. Kitty offers a compromise: she can get them another of the five sword, the one belonging to Clan Yashida, in exchange for her freedom and the dragons. 
    Later the two dragons are freed by Kitty. Kitty then faces Nao on her own in a swordfight, complicated by the presence of the dragons. Eventually, Nao angers Puff who starts a fire and, seemingly, Nao perishes in it.  Later on, she gives one of the Swords of Destiny to the JDSS in exchange for the dragons’ freedom. She gives Lockheed the choice whom to accompany. Eventually, he tells Puff good-bye and follows Kitty home. 

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