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Puck was banished along with the rest of his race from Avalon for 1000 years to live and a mortal and hopefully learn to understand them.

This was successful for Puck and he developed an affinity for mortals particularly David Xanatos and his family. Puck encountered Anastasia Renard during the 1980s and was fascinated by the fact that the former Queen of the Third Race had married a mortal Puck took on the identity of Owen Burnett modeled after Preston Vogel an assistant of "Anastasia's" husband Halcyon Renard.

Puck got bored with moral Halcyon and entered the employ of David Xanatos. It was "Owen" who introduces Demona and Xanatos.

Later Demona unaware that Owen is Puck summons Puck with a magical artifact and causes havoc in New York City. Puck repeatedly misinterprets Demona's wishes just to annoy her. Puck has such a good time annoying Demona that he rewards her and give her the ability to become human in the day.

During the Cauldron of Life incident "Owen" hand was turned permanently to stone and Puck is forbidden from changing it back.

When the gathering was called Puck and all the other members of the Third Race were recalled to Avalon. Puck refused to go and hid in his identity of Owen Burnett. After the birth of Alexander Xanatos, Puck was one of the foremost defenders of Alexander Xanatos from Oberon. The battle for Alexander ended amicably but Puck was cursed to no longer be able to change between Puck and Owen Burnett. Puck was now Owen unless he was teaching Alexander then and only then could he become Puck and use magic again.


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