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Israeli commando Captain Israel Harel led a commando rescue raid against Arab extremists who had hijacked a jumbo jet and forced it to land at Ourac Airport. Captain Harel, brave to a fault, was shot in the back by a supposedly dead terrorist. Captain Harel fell into the sea and was fished out by Dayton's people. One promethium infusion later, the Ptera-don was born. He joined the Hybrid and is currently at large.

Pterodon does not want to work for Mento, who keeps him in line by using his helmet's powers. He has no quarrel with the Titans. In combat, Pteradon is quiet, and uses his tactical knowledge to his advantage. Pterodon, Behemoth, Gorgon, and Prometheus all died at Roulette's fighting club, The House.


The reptilian Pterodon possesses clawed fingers and is able to fly at almost supersonic speeds with an expert agility in the sky.

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