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I don't understand why people extract a character out of an image. Personally I'm happier seeing the full work interacting with other characters & backgrounds, instead of simply restricting her to a few stock comic book poses.

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I also prefer images with scenes, other characters, I think more dynamic. But I found it interesting that the work they did with the images of Betsy. So I decided to disclose.

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Haha, I have all these saved onto my computer. It's really nice for the people at Like A Butterfly to take the time and effort to go through and find these full body shots to crop. It's one thing to see the full pieces of artwork, but this compilation serves an entirely different purpose. It allows you to see her various costumes without the hindrance or distraction of her surroundings, and to see how she's changed over the years. I think her House of M costume and Utopia wet-suit look amazing, but her Black and Grey UXF variant leotard and her Lady Mandarin armor will always be my favorite. I also love how her Death outfit is just a sexed up version of her Mandarin armor, and how Fantomex commented on it about the Celestials' tastes being so "ass-ey", lol.

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It's cool to see her transformations, would love for him to do alternate reality ones

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