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    Psyko was a foe of Sleepwalker and Spectra.

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    Psyko was the result of a merger between a Mindspawn and a human, respectively named N'ogskak and Jeremy "Romeo" Roscoe. The Mindspawn were creations of Cobweb, resembling Sleepwalkers and having similar powers. N'ogskak was first seen as member of a small group of Mindspawn who actually thought themselves Sleepwalker's brethren. Presumably resulting from a brainwashing experiment of Cobweb or an enemy of his. Either way they joined Rick Sheridan (in Sleepwalker's body) in combat against Cobweb.


    Psyko was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins and first appeared as N'ogskak in Sleepwalker issue 22 (1993). He first appeared as Psyko in Sleepwalker issue 28.

    Major Story Arcs

    Becoming Psyko

    N'ogskak turned up next as one of Cobweb's minions. Leading an invasion force towards Brooklyn. Sleepwalker challenged his former ally for leadership of the Mindspawn. N'ogskak was defeated. The Mindspawn were soon defeated thanks to the combined forces of Sleepwalker and the Avengers. They retreated back to the Mindscape. Forgetting N'ogskak behind.

    He soon merged with Roscoe, becoming Psyko. His chosen host was already a serial killer with mass murderer aspirations. Psyko had all of Sleepwalker's abilities, plus the additional ability to inflict insanity on anyone hit with his own warp beams, literally driving them crazy just by looking at them. The monster began spreading mass insanity across New York.

    He was faced with Sleepwalker and Spectra but proved durable to their attacks while his own powers affected them. He was eventually defeated by an overwhelming attack.

    Some years later, Psyko was seen again in a flashback when Rick Sheridan was contacted by the Fantastic Four to help against demons coming from Franklin Richards' dreams.

    Powers and Abilities

    The rarely seen natural form of the Mindspawn is vaguely insectoid with multiple eyes (5 to 7 per average) and relatively small stature (between 4 feet and 4 feet, 6 inches). In Sleepwalker-like forms their green humanoids with enhanced human agility, reflexes, stamina, speed and clearly superhuman strength and durability. The average specimen seemed to be afle to be able to lift c. 10 tons, placing them around Spider-Man's class strength-wise.

    Their eyes give them superhuman vision, able to see wavelengths invisible to the human eye. Their eyes projected warp-beams able to alter the shape and durabilty of physical matter. They can possess humans and feed on the mental energies of their targets.

    Psyko had a high-degree of durability to both physical and mental attacks. He demonstrated super-strength, easily lifting armored vehicles with several passengers. He had a unique to spread around madness for a variety of effects. Humans affected demonstrated murderous intent, a tendency to duel and (for some reason) largely harmless delusions. He could intentionally alter the perceptions of opponents though they maintained a degree of free-will.


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