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    Trek of Xybria was once the Green Supersonic Ranger, but after killing his team, he became the Psycho Green Ranger.

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    Current Events

    Trek is currently a prisoner aboard the Psycho Mothership after attempting to murder Karone and the Space Rangers.


    Trek was a member of the Supersonic Rangers, a team entirely consisting of Xybrian’s. Due to his own anger and envy towards Ace, Sonic Red, having always felt side-lined and underutilised, even though he was the strongest member. He betrayed his own team, killing most of them in an explosion and personally killing Ace in cold blood, all thanks to the manipulation by Dark Specter.

    After killing his team, Trek travelled to Infernus, the home of Dark Specter himself to claim his reward, immense power. The combination of the Morphin Grid energy and Dark Specter’s own, Trek was transformed into Psycho Green.

    As Psycho Green, his first mission was to find Rita Repulsa and return the Green Power Coin in which she had stolen before Zordon can retrieve it for his own use.


    When entering the Moon’s atmosphere, Psycho Green’s ship is detected by Zordon’s pulse cannon’s on Earth, shooting him out of orbit and crashing on the Moon. Believed to be destroyed, he was discovered to still be alive but in hibernation until woken up by the nineteen sixty-nine Moon landing.

    Now awake, Psycho Green attacks and kills two of the original Mighty Morphin team, only to be killed by Nikolai Chukarin who sacrifices himself to guarantee that Psycho Green is defeated.


    Thought to be destroyed, Psycho Green had in reality, spent decades digging himself out of the Moon’s crust. With his master, Dark Specter gone, Trek sought after the Psycho Rangers data cards. Reprogramming them to work better together with loyalty and family in mind. With his “family” in tow, the Psycho Rangers travelled to KO-35 to capture Karone and transform her back into Astronema so that Trek’s family is complete. While his plan to bring Astronema back partially successful, he fought with her for control over the rest of the Psycho Rangers, both having different plans in mind for their future.

    During a battle between the Psycho Rangers and Space Rangers, Trek discovered Karone attempting to reprogram the Psycho’s data cards. Furious with the betrayal, he blasted her, nearly killing Karone. Psycho Pink, not wanting to see any harm come to Karone’s real family, attacked Trek before he could kill Andros, brutally knocking him unconscious. Now, he’s held prisoner by the reformed Psycho Rangers.


    Monster Form

    Monster Form
    Monster Form

    Like the other Psycho Rangers, Trek's monster form activates upon his initial destruction. Gaining immense strength and size along with a new appearance.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

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    Game Bio: Trek was turned into Psycho Green by Dark Specter. He was sent to release Rita from her prison on the Moon, but his ship crashed. After awakening from hibernation in 1969, he nearly wiped out all of Grace Sterling's Power Ranger team before he was defeated at a great cost.

    Released: 12/25/2019


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