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    The red tressed mentalist known as the Rose is in truth an occult investigator. She is the reincarnation of her grandmother, a sorceress who had died in an airplane crash. Rose joined the Champions, and later changed her code-name to Psyche.

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    The character named Psyche is a mentalist who first appeared in comic publication as "Rose", and was created by Tom Tumey. She first appeared in a mini-series titled Champions #1 which was published by Eclipse Comics in October of 1986.

    When Eclipse Comics sold the rights of the character to Hero Comics Publications she was introduced as Psyche to avoid any copyright concerns. The team she had been a part of the Champions were alos renamed the League of Champions for the same reasons. She would later be part of two other publications, Witchgirls Inc. and the League of Champions.


    Rose is only 18 when the Champions series begins but she is really the most recent incarnation of a powerful white sorceress, which gives her a maturity that belies her chronological age. The sorceress has battled dark forces for centuries and Rose can sometimes tap into those memories when carrying out her own battle against those forces. Rose doesn't really consider herself a superhero, even when working with the Champions, but concentrates on her occult researches and frequently encounters dark forces that need to be dealt with.


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