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The original Psyba-Rats were a teenage techno thieves based out of Gotham City: Raelene Sharp (aka Razorsharp), Reginald Hackman (aka Hackrat), Carter Channel (aka Channelman), Cullen Thrane (aka Output), and Michael Wasko (aka Mega-Biter).
The Psyba-Rats were hired by the Collector to break into Wayne Enterprises. Robin appeared on the scene, and scared them off. When they updated their status to the Collector, he killed Thrane and Wasko. Sharp, Hackman, and Channel fled, and ran into the Bloodlines parasites during their Earthbreak. The three were all attacked by Venev, an alien parasite, whose venom activated their meta-gene. As a result of this meta-gene activation, Sharp gained the ability to transform her limbs into blades, Hackman gained the ability to "convince" computers to do his bidding, and Channel gained the ability to "inhabit" television worlds (such as place himself on Gilligan's Island).
Now super-powered, the remaining Psyba-Rats planned their revenge on the Collector. Channelman, using his new ability to enter television systems, disabled the Collector's security while Razorsharp and Hackrat broke in. Robin, on the trail of the Psyba-Rats, followed them to the Collector's operation, and confronted Razorsharp and Hackrat. Robin joined the Psyba-Rats to confront the Collector, and during the fight the Collector threw Robin out the window of the skyrise. Razorsharp jumped out after him, and saves him using her base jump parachute. Deciding they'd had enough for the night, they part ways, but not before naming Robin an honorary Psyba-Rat.
The Psyba-Rats continued to perform various acts of data retrieval and urban infiltration. They broke into the compound of billionaire T. Clyde Pontefract to earn themselves a million dollars. They then stole the fabled formula for Zesti Cola for a mysterious Mr. Branchwater; a mission that brought them into conflict with the Collector again.  During this mission, Channelman's body was killed, but his consciousness still exists floating on the television airwaves.
At some point, Razorsharp left the Psyba-Rats to join the Blood Pack: a super-hero group made up of others given powers by the Bloodlines parasites. However, she rejoined the group upon the Blood Pack's break-up.
Sometime after Razorsharp's return to the group, the Psyba-Rats accepted the job to break into the defunct Justice League Secret Sanctuary (but currently being used by Young Justice) and retrieve all data related to the "Magellan Files." The Rats did not realize that A) Robin was on the team and B) their mysterious client was Blockbuster. After the Psyba-Rats took down Red Tornado, Arrowette, and Secret, Robin and Superboy arrived. Robin and Razorsharp compared notes, and both groups (Young Justice and the Psyba-Rats) turned on Blockbuster, invading his computer system with a custom Young Justice virus.


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