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    Psionics is the daughter of Lightwave, The Human Torch's ex-girlfriend and is a member of The New Defenders.

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    Psionics, real name Cindy is from a future and alternate reality where the worlds end has come, resources draining, mass deaths due to starvation and freak weather and natural disasters taking its toll, Earths heroes attempt to save as many as they can by capturing and harnessing Galactus power. Such a lofty cast was not without a price, with hundreds of heroes being killed in the process, Psionics being one of the few survivors alongside Lightwave, Alex Ultron, Hulk Jr, the Hooded Man and Natalie X.


    Psionics is a Marvel published comics character created by writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch during their Fantastic Four run. Psionics first appears in Fantastic Four #555 - World's Greatest, Part Two of Four.

    Character Evolution

    Psionics first appears as your average villain in her Fantastic Four debut stealing diamonds. However this is quickly subverted as Human Torches attempts to stop her is not only met by resistance but a quick passionate kiss, setting up a romantic subplot for both characters. Despite her villainous ways, Psionics is made to be a fairly sympathetic character, with a lucky go attitude but not an inherent maliciousness. Later it is revealed that Psionics was actually from the future and that many of her careless acts of villainy were actually purposeful and that she required the money to build a base for her teammates who were planning something incredibly ambitious.

    The character and her future companions would also get a mini series focusing on them known as Fantastic Force.

    Major Story Arcs

    Johnny Storm

    Johnny Storm is about to go to his rehearsal when suddenly, he saw a diamond shipment being robbed by a superhuman. When the enforcers tried to stop her from what she is doing, she just caused more troubles and accidents. Johnny fought her but didn't expect Psionics' power to be so strong. Psionics kissed the weakened Johnny storm and they developed a strong affection toward each other. Even if it is wrong for Johnny to have a relationship with a villain like Psionics, they continued their affair. She even goes to his place naked and said that she just robbed another bank. Johnny eventually broke it off, but Psionics was angry that Johnny never even asked why she needed so much money.

    New Defenders

    The truth was that she was from the future and a member of the New Defenders; their goal was to make a time machine powerful enough to save the remaining people of their Earth, which was on the brink of destruction. Psionics and her father Lightwave went and captured Johnny, because he was essential to helping power their device.

    In the end, the Fantastic Four stopped them from bringing their entire population to Earth and rerouted them to Nu-World, an artificial Earth. Psionics and the other New Defenders went their to live with their people. But soon after, the sun of Nu-World collapsed in on itself and created a black hole. War broke out and Lightwave and Alex Ultron seized control of the planet.

    When some members of the Fantastic Four came for a visit, Lightwave planned for them to kidnap Valeria Richards, because she would be smart enough to help them fix their portal and save everyone by sending them to Earth. Psionics was sent to capture her and in the process she killed Alyssa Moy and turned on the Thing and her former lover. She was caught off guard and killed by Hulk Jr., who was their captive for not agreeing with her fathers methods.

    Powers and Abilities

    Psionics possesses the ability to create psionic forces, akin to telekinesis or force fields, to push and propel objects in her vicinity. The degree of which is unknown but Psionics is sufficiently powerful enough to throw and upturn cars and trucks at a minimum. Psionics can use her powers to fly.


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