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    Psi-Mistress is a Telepathic Super-heroine, who attempted to join the new Wildguard Superteam.

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    Psi-Mistress came to the Tryouts for the Supergroup the Wildguard. Her goal was to use her Telepathic abilities for the use of the team, and to gain more fame.

    Although she washed out early in the tryouts, she stuck around the Headquarters, taking part in the event at hand, and mingling with the other heroes Present.

    She was around when the Ultra Megas, who were battling a Giant robot nearby, sent the robot crashing into the building. She was as awestruck as the others at the premier superteam.

    Not long after the Ultra Megas depart, the group is attacked by unknown assailants in armored body suits, wielding energy staffs. They attack the assembled heroes, and try to take them captive.

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    Psi-Mistress momentarily escapes from her pursuers, using her Telepathy to try to scan their minds. But they have no minds to scan. Although a powerful Telepath, she lacks close combat capability, and her powers have no effect on the attackers. She is taken captive along with the vast majority of the contestants.

    After she is rescued, she and the others are taken to the medical labs to recover.

    After the Wandering eye uses his Hypnotic ability to capture and entrance another group of heroes. Four leads a group to attempt to rescue them, and stop the Wandering Eye, but it's hypnotic abilities are too strong, and hero after hero falls under his influence.

    Surrounded and on the verge of defeat, Four laments the uphill fight.

    But at the last moment, some of the Medlab heroes arrive and turn the tide. Key to the outcome was Psi-Mistress using her Telepathy to cast a localized shield over the heroes as they confront the others.

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    She is unable to use her abilities to protect Four, due to the immense strain she is under as she tries to simultaneously free the others, and block the Wandering Eyes powers.

    Eventually, they are successful and the eye is defeated.

    She is among the assembled contestants in attendance as the Wildguard members are chosen.

    Powers and Abilities

    Psi-Mistress is a powerful Telepath but has never been shown to use her powers in an aggressive manner. Many of her uses seem to be in the art of Information Gathering, Defense, and Support, making her a great team member from the back line.

    She has displayed the normal Telepathic traits of Mind Reading, Mental Probes, Mind Linking, Psychic shields on a personal, and group level. She also seems capable of detecting psychic influence, and freeing, and healing the minds of those under such influence.

    It is unknown if she possesses the typical Telepathic tricks of Psychic bolts, Mind Control, or Psychic Illusions.

    Fighting Skills:

    Psi-Mistress is a reasonably fit woman, but she has displayed no knowledge of hand to hand combat skills, and is seen generally avoiding combat. This allows her to act in a support role, which she seems to prefer from her appearances. It is known that in a matchup against the armoured assailants, she was easily and quickly captured. This led to her being drummed out after the first round.


    Psi-Mistress wears a spandex lycra full bodysuit with red accoutrements designs. Her costume lacks a mask or head covering. It is reminiscent of a Medic, thus playing into the appearance she is more support than a combatant.


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