Team » Psi-Force appears in 42 issues.

    Psi-Force is comprised of Wayne Tucker, Kathy Ling, Tyrone Jessup, Anastasia Inyushin, Lindsey Falmon, and Thomas Boyd. Former member: Michael "Creepy" Crawley.

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    Psi-Force is a group of teenagered runaways who were bought together by CIA agent Emmet Proudhawk. After the New Universe "White Event", these young adults found themselves with new abilities. After Proudhawk's death, the group discovers they can concentrate on Proudhawk's medallion and create Psi-Hawk. Psi-Hawk is a merger of the groups abilities that has the appearance of Proudhawk.

    Wayne Tucker – The unstated leader of Psi-Force , Tuckers abilities are incredible as he has the ability to not only read mind (telepathy) but also “push” at least twenty individuals at a single moment to do his bidding (mind control). Tucker has also the ability to leave post-hypnotic suggestions on others which can cause them to forget their encounters with Tucker or any other member of the PSI Force group.

    Kathy Ling – The relationship between Ling’s cerebral cortex and telekinetic ability are unknown. However, the strength of her paranormality (which she calls “to pump”) is determined by her endurance. Ling is known to be reluctant to use her paranormality which she considers to be “gross.” However, after undergoing some training, Ling is now able to consistently elevate and manipulate “living beings and inanimate objects psionically.”

    Tyrone Jessup – When tests were done on Jessup at the Foundations, Inc., they considered him to be “”one of the most powerful beings on the face of the earth.” Jessup’s paranormality was initially thought to be astral form projection. However, it was eventually classified as electromagnetic wavelength projection wherein Jessup can use this form to upset electrical and biological systems as well as fly.

    Anastasia Inyushin - After a diagnostic was done at the Foundations, Inc. on the Psi-Force kids, it was determined that Inyushin's paranormality was derived from a “mysterious gland in her neck which secretes an enzyme through her pores.” When Inyushin comes into contact with another being, her touch acts as a “stimulant” and targets the other organism’s “antigen system.” However, Inyushin’s healing ability is limited to the amount of strain and fatigue she is willing to absorb during the healing process.

    Lindsey Falmon – A relatively new comer to the group and significant other of Wayne Tucker. Falmon’s paranormality is a psionic ability that allows her (to some degree) to visualize “psychic imprints” which is a residue of a human touch on inanimate objects.

    Thomas Boyd – A former adversary who joined the ranks of Psi-Force . Boyd’s paranormality originates from his pituitary glad wherein like Inyushin, Boyd secretes an enzyme through his pores but generates an opposite effect. When Boyd comes into contact with another being, his paranormality depletes their strength and enhancing his own by channeling the “adrenaline rush.” The full extent of his capabilities have yet to be determined.


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