Pryde of the X-Men

    Movie » Pryde of the X-Men released on September 16, 1989.

    Pryde of the X-Men is an 1989 animated, television film. It was intended as the pilot for a series that never materialized. The film features Kitty Pryde joining the X-Men in their conflict with the Brotherhood of Terrorist Mutants.

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    Magneto, while being transported via a secure military convoy, is freed by the White Queen. Not long after, Kitty Pryde arrives at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and is recruited onto the X-Men. She views a Danger Room training session, but when the Mutant Alert is activated to inform the X-Men of an attack on the Deep Space Observatory, the team heads off to face The Blob and Pyro, leaving Kitty and Professor X alone to deal with an unexpected ambush from Magneto and The Juggernaut. The ambush is successful and Magneto gains possession of Cerebro's Mutant Power Circuit, and Blob and Pyro are able to discover the coordinates of the Scorpio Comet. Magneto's plan is shortly revealed: to use the Mutant Power Circuit as a means of magnifying his power and taking control of the Scorpio Comet, altering its course in order to let it collide with the Earth within 24 hours, thusly wiping out most of the human race and leaving mutants to reign supreme! 
    It's a race against time and space as the X-Men are forced to launch an attack against the Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists on Magneto's orbital base, Asteroid M, in hopes of foiling his plans in time!

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