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    Prudence Leighton was a part of a network of spies brought together by Charles Xavier.

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    Prudence Leighton was a mutant spy employed by Charles Xavier.  She had the mutant power to psychically jump into and possess other women. When Xavier and the X-Men and associated company were publicly outed, the X-Mansion, school, and so on, Xavier realized their might be a need for more secretive and sensitive missions to be completed without the associations that might reflect on himself and the X-Men and ultimately mutants. So he considered utilizing clandestine elite secret operatives to fulfill missions and tasks too risky for X-Men. Prudence was one of such agents, more than that she was his best and top operative. Her existence was unknown to the general X-Men and she was believed to be killed in the line of fire. She was fondly remembered by Shortpack who often reminisced about her past exploits and success much to the chagrin of Mystique. Xavier was especially distraught at her apparent passing. 
    Eventually it was discovered that Prudence may have cheated death and taken on a new identity.  


    Prudence was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Jorge Lucas for the 2004 Mystique series. She fits many of the tropes of a classic spy character. Mysterious, skilled, and physically fit and stunning, with a wide range of spy gadgets and fighting skills.   

    Major Story Arcs 

    During her last assignment with Shortpack under the orders of Professor X, Prudence was murdered by an arms dealer, a mutant of pyrokinetic abilities, named Steinbeck. Before she died she psi-jumped into Steinbeck to become the "Quiet Man". She was unable to fully control a male mind, and she and Steinbeck fell into mental breakdown.

    Prudence and her brother Shepard then set out to kill Charles Xavier. They planned to hire the deadly shape-shifting assassin, Mystique, but Mystique double-crossed them. Unable to contain their state Prudence and Steinbeck began to swell and exploded.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Prudence can psi-jump into other women, allowing her consciousness to inhabit their body and control their actions. This is typically only effective with the female gender however and not males. She is a highly successful and trained covert operative with a strong of successful missions. She was also a competent hand to hand fighter 
    Physical Characteristics
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde


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