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Prudence Johnna (pronounced JAH-nah) Halliwell is named after her deceased aunt, Prudence Halliwell, therefore being Prudence Halliwell II. She is the daughter of the witch, Phoebe Halliwell and Cupid, Coop. This would make her a half-breed and perhaps very powerful. In 2009 she welcomed a little sister named Parker Halliwell.

This is the daughter Phoebe had foreseen three times, and she was also nicknamed 'Ladybug'. Her middle name Johnna is revealed to have been derived from her great-grandmother Penny "Grams" Halliwell's maiden name Johnson.

Powers and Abilities.


In the first Charmed comic, it is shown that Prue possesses the gift of Beaming, just like her father, Coop. Beaming is a form of teleportation. Prue has only used it on her mother, meaning she also has the gift of remote obring, and can also use it as a possible form of telekinesis.

Telekinetic Beaming

As said above, Prue managed to beam her mother back to her side, which means she was able to move Phoebe without Phoebe holding on to her.


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