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    Pru is an assassin who worked for the Demon's Head, but later defected to work with Tim Drake.

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    A new recruit of the League of Assassins after its last run in with Batman. She was partnered with two other assassins known as Owens and Z. Her partnering was a result of her being more of a gun user than having long range or hand to hand combat prowess. She is assigned with her teammates to assassinate Tim Drake, but they are defeated by him and then ordered to work with him. Tim notes that the name Prudence doesn't fit her at all. He jokes that her parents really missed the mark on that one.

    She and Tim clash constantly because of her "devil may care" attitude and over-zealousness to kill. Despite this her life is saved by Tim numerous times though she was severely injured when her throat was slashed.

    After she recovered she accompanied Tim in a bid to capture a member of the Spider Council and despite her new inability to talk she and Tim clashed over ideals again.

    When the League is almost destroyed by the Council of Spiders, her life is saved one last time by Tim before he defeats the council and destroys the League's base.

    When Ra's sends assassins after the people Bruce cared for in Gotham, Pru is assigned to kill Stephanie Brown, the current Batgirl at the time. Instead she gives Tim all the information she has on the attack and helps them. Afterwards, she is seen multiple times working with/for Tim, having appeared to have left the League of Assassins.

    While initially a head strong individual who jumped into dangerous situations without thinking, she also appears to have become more cautious.

    Powers & Abilities

    She is trained in the use of firearms.


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