Providence #7

    Providence » Providence #7 - VII: The Picture released by Avatar Press on February 2016.

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    Robert Black came looking for a story but what he found is a world of misery and woe. He's become a broken man only beginning to accept the horrors of the Lovecraftian world are real and hiding in plain sight. Alan Moore and artist Jacen Burrows have delivered a slow burn tale of fear and underlying dread that has delighted fans and scholars alike. Moore has written every cover detail, every single page, and every nuance of this work to create his most fully-realized vision to date. Fans of Moore's immersive style and meticulous grasp of storytelling will be thrilled to add this essential piece of comics history to their collections!

    Available with Regular, Pantheon, Portrait, Dreamscape Wraparound, Women of HPL, and a special Ancient Tome Incentive cover, all by collaborator Jacen Burrows.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverJacen Burrows1
    PCPantheon CoverJacen Burrows6
    DWDreamscape Wraparound CoverJacen Burrows7
    PCPortrait CoverJacen Burrows8
    WHPLWomen of HPL CoverJacen Burrows9
    RIAncient Tome Retailer Incentive CoverJacen Burrows10
    GBCMiss Lowell is Buried in Copps Hill Burial Ground Cover, Limited to 1000?2
    GDCThe Great Molasses Disaster Cover, Limited to 1000?3
    GSCStolen Finery Cover, Limited to 1000?4
    GSCBoylston Street Subway Incident Cover, Limited to 1000?5

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