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Proty II Is a member of the Protean race, a race of shape changing creatures that could assume virtually any form and communicate via telepathy.


Proty II was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

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Proty II became the pet of Chameleon Boy shortly after the death of Proty . Uncomfortable with this role, Proty II vigorously campaigned for membership in Legion of Super-Pets and became the team's fifth member following the completion of the super tests from the super pets. Even this role seemed inappropriate to Proty II, and after several years, he left Chameleon Boy's protection and became the leader of a movement to have his people recognized as sentient beings by the United Planets. This movement has succeeded in recent years, and Proty II is now one of the political leaders of his people.

Major Story Arcs

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In the Legion of Super-Heroes' first battle with Computo, Proty II transformed into the "Weirdo Legionnaire" and temporarily confused and scared Computo. This distraction enabled Colossal Boy to free some captured Legionnaires and eventually lead to Computo's defeat.

Powers & Weapons

Shape Shifter

Proty II has the typical Protean ability to transform its protoplasmic body into other shapes and forms, a power originally adapted as a survival mechanism.


It possesses limited telepathic abilities, which permit it to read conscious thoughts and communicate.


Proty II has great charisma over other Proteans.


Legion Flight Belt which enables it the ability to fly in atmospheric environments.

Physical Characteristics

Proty II
Proty II

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Eyes: None

Hair: None

Other Versions

Other Media


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