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    The main weapon of choice to fight the supernatural by the Ghostbusters.

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    Designed in 1984 by Ray Stantz and Egon spengler in order to combat the ghosts that were plaguing New York City, The Proton Pack utilizes positively charged ions in order to harm and control the negatively charged ghosts. The Proton Stream itself is difficult to control and can cause great harm to people or property. The Ghostbusters themselves often get into trouble due to exorbitant property damage.


    To effectively use the Proton Packs a Ghostbuster must use the Proton Stream to sap the PKE (Psychokinetic energy) of a troublesome ghost. Once sufficiently weakened the Proton Stream switches to a capture stream where the ghost can now be manipulated by the Ghostbusters and directed towards the trap. The packs are nuclear powered particle accelerators mounted on backpacks with a Neutrino wand as the directing source of the Proton Stream.

    Crossing the streams of multiple Proton Packs is highly dangerous, with Egon explaining that total protonic reversal as a probable outcome, causing all life as we know it to stop instantaneously and every molecule in a user's body to explode at the speed of light. The Ghostbusters have crossed the streams on a couple of occasions, notable their first encounter with the Sumerian deity Gozer.

    Crossing the streams was later named the "Gozer Gambit" and is only attempted in the most dire of circumstances. Egon and Ray are constantly reworking and upgrading the Proton Packs to house different equipment and to function better, having come up with a variety of variants.



    • Egon Spengler
    • Janine Melnitz (several times)
    • Peter Venkman
    • Ray Stantz
    • Winston Zeddemore
    • Louis Tully (one time)

    Extreme Ghosbusters

    • Eduardo Rivera
    • Garrett Miller
    • Kylie Griffin
    • Roland Jackson

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    • The Rookie (Experimental Weapons Technician)

    Sanctum of Slime Video Game

    • Alan Crendall
    • Bridget Gibbons
    • Gabriel Sitter
    • Samuel Hazer

    Variant Models

    Proton Pack Mk I - Version seen in Ghostbusters movie, the original model with the Proton Stream/Capture Stream modes. Was powered by nuclear power with a half life of 5000 years

    Arm Mounted Proton Pack - A downgraded Proton Pack built by Egon at Winston's request. This design was built to minimize property damage in household areas. The downgraded power meant that all four Ghostbusters had to work together for even a minor spirit. Egon hoped to work the bugs out and make this a more permanent piece of equipment for the Ghosbusters.

    Proton Pack (Ghostbusters: The Video Game) - The version used by the "Experimental Weapons Technician" aka the Rookie in the Ghostbusters video game. This model includes the Proton Pack along with a Dark Matter Generator, Plasm Distribution System, and Composite Particle system in one backpack particle accelerator. It even has a Slime Blower hose and miniature tank of positively charged green slime, eliminating the need for the blower to be carried as a separate weapon. Once the Rookie finished testing these experimental add-ons the rest of the Ghostbusters added this equipment as well.

    Proton Pack (Sanctum of Slime) - An additional update developed by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz, This upgrade allows the Rookie Team to disperse ghosts using weapons of varying wavelengths that negates the need for the Ghost Trap, though specific ghosts need specific weapons. This pack includes the Proton Beam, Plasma Inductor, and Fermion Shock.

    Proton Pack (Extreme Ghostbusters) - The version used by the new team of Ghostbusters and developed solely by Egon Spengler. These packs carry Proton Canisters for ammunition and need regular reloading. This was changed to make the Proton Packs more powerful as the Ghost themselves had gotten stronger.

    Proton Pistol Mk 1 - Solely used by Winston Zeddemore since he is the best shot. This weapon was first seeing during the Infestation Storyline where Winston used it against a Zombie. This pistol fires a more concentrated beam of more power though it requires greater aim.

    Proton Pistol Mk 2 (Extreme Ghostbusters) - Mostly used by Kylie Griffin in "Extreme Ghostbusters", This Proton Pistol is weaker than its Proton Pack counterparts allowing Kylie to wield the Ghost Trap more effectively.

    Ghost Gun - A heavy duty Proton Pack blaster developed by Ray Stantz to help turn the tide during the Infestation zombie event in New York City. Ray was going to build this device anyway however. It proved effective against the zombies, but was ineffective against a zombiefied Mr. Stay Puff.

    Similar Weapon Systems

    SCEP-TECH (Real Ghostbusters) - A combination of the Proton Pack and Ghost Trap. Stands for "Sub Compact Ectoplasmic Tesseract", The burly device was used successfully on a couple of occasion though ate power incredibly quickly and if overloaded could potentially freeze the surrounding area. Was equipped with a view screen to allow the Ghostbusters to see the captured ghost.

    Ghost Vacuum (Real Ghostbusters) - A prototype upgrade of the SCEP-TECH, The Ghost Vacuum was developed by Egon Spengler again with the mindset to combine the Ghost Trap and Proton Pack. This device was used by Janine Melnitz and was noted by Egon as being in the prototype stage.

    Field Projector (Extreme Ghostbusters) - A device meant to replace the PKE Meter, the Field Projector is a backpack device that houses twin Ecto-Radar's and flood lights designed to find ghosts.The device houses a dual mounted Proton Gun that has about twice the power of the Proton Pistol Kylie Griffin uses.

    Liquid Oxygen Dispenser Unit (Extreme Ghostbusters) - Developed by Roland Jackson and later used by Kylie Griffin, this backpack mounted device projects sub-zero liquid oxygen and normal temperature liquid oxygen. The device was created on the spot to deal with plant type enemies, damaging their forms and freeing the ghosts so they could be trapped.

    Upgrades and Attachments

    Proton Pack

    • Proton Stream/Capture Stream - The default setting for a Proton Pack and most effective on normal ghosts. Proton Streams sap ghost of their energy.
    • Boson Dart - A super de-polarized bursts of extremely volatile, boson particles. It can overheat the Proton Pack easily though provides an extra explosive blast for tougher enemies

    Dark Matter Generator

    • Shock Blast - expels a conical pattern of stripped dark matter particles that diffuse quickly in atmosphere. The blast is the closet thing the Ghostbusters have to a shotgun attachment. The conical blast is incredibly powerful in close range though loses it over longer ranges.
    • Stasis Stream - emits a high capacity stream of order-reversing particles that hypobond to ectoplasmic matter causing crystallization, effectively immobilizing or “freezing” ghosts and other paranormal entities.

    Plasm Distribution System

    • Slime Blower - A constantly regenerating supply of positively charged ectoplasmic slime, this tool is generally used for dispersing caustic black slime and ghostly entities. The slime can also reveal objects hidden on the ethereal plane.
    • Slime Tether - allows for the discharge of plasmic slime strands between two points. These plasmic strands contract and pull on whatever is on the two ends. The Slime Tether works great for moving heavy objects, making webs, and for tethering the ghosts into the Trap when they're weakened.

    Composite Particle System

    • Meson Collider - Releases a hyper-collided, long-range stream of particles that will vaporize any ectoplasmic material in its trajectory. The spread is limited but intensely focused, making it great for long and medium distance creatures. The particles left behind leave a tracer of a followup of the Overload Burst feature.
    • Overload Pulse - Extending the Proton Pack's ring accelerator helix increases the surface area of the collider's radiator. Though a secondary stabilizer is required to maintain quark/anti quark balance, the resulting meson stream recharge acceleration provides a noticeable rate of fire increase. This weapon is primarily effective against demons and ethereal entities more powerful than standard ghosts.

    Proton Beam

    Fermion Shock

    Plasma Inductor


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