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Protoman is one of Megaman.EXE's rivals/ friends, who has assisted him many times in making sure that Wily's plans of taking over the world through the Internet don't succeed. He and Megaman.EXE fought at first, not knowing that the two were on sides.

When Protoman and his PET owner Chaud met Lan Hikari they began a fight of sorts, but as they went on the battle escalated. Protoman and Chaud simply killed off Navis that were against them, deleting them in the process, whereas Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE believed that everyone had a chance at turning from their old ways of treachery. Chaud didn't like the idea, and challenged Megaman.EXE to a fight. At first, it seemed as though the two were on equal ground, but then it was quickly obvious that Protoman and his Cybersword were much more than a match for their rival. With his super speed and wits Protoman nearly annihalated Megaman.EXE and Lan Hikari, only to be interrupted.

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