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Terrorism Orphaned.

Yeesh. After the crazy, intense introduction to the Orphan's in the first Protocol issue, issue 2 continues on with the Charlie's Angels, high intensity, fast action story.

Michael Alan Nelson is able to get a large cast introduced so you actually care about some of them by the end. You also hate em. It is obvious that this is an espionage, spy, anti-terrorist organization, group, what-have-you, but what is really interesting about this whole story so far is who the heck are the 'grandparents' and what is with these orphans anyway?

Nelson is successfully pulling me along with his story as he has been able to do before in many of his other works such as Dingo and Fall of Cthulhu. This is why he has become one of my outright favourite writers in any medium. I can't really tell where this is going or what the exact 'type' of story this is. It feels like a Bourne Identity type deal. It feels Mission Impossible-ish. As previously mentioned, its Charlie's Angels as well (having an invisible boss telling you your assignments, no actual Angels).

This is a 4 issue mini-series that I subscribed to the moment I saw Nelson's name on it and I am not regretting it. Spy/thrillers aren't really my genre but I am liking this ride so far.

Good for fans of: Spy, Action, Espionage, Teams.

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