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    Leader of the Hyperclan. He pretended to have sun based powers, like Superman.

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    putting on a good face for the world
    putting on a good face for the world

    Protex is a White Martian and leader of the super hero team, Hyperclan. Hyperclan arrived on Earth claiming to be super-powered survivors of a world destroyed by the negligence of their people. They set out to "fix" the world, first by turning the Sahara Desert into a lush paradise. Hyperclan quickly grew in popularity and Protex was even named the "Sexiest Man in the Universe." When the Justice League protested the terraforming of the Sahara and the public execution of supercriminals, they actually lost popularity.

    Hyperclan was later revealed to be an attempt to undermine the credibility of the League while at the same time preparing for an invasion of earth. Hyperclan set up mind controlling devices to enslave the humans and had the Justice League satellite destroyed. The Justice League set out to destroy the mind controlling devices while J'onn J'onzz set up a secret meeting with Protex. Protex appeals to J'onn's loneliness and asks him to join. Elsewhere, the Justice League is defeated and captured by Hyperclan, Batman is presumed dead, and it seems J'onn has betrayed them.

    Batman, who is not dead, has deduced that the members of Hyperclan are martians and is able to break into their base and free his team members. The Justice League overcomes their captors and Superman broadcasts across the globe telling the inhabitants of earth not to panic, to defend themselves, and that the invaders are afraid of fire. With the Maritan invasion foiled, J'onn punishes the invaders by going into their minds and making them believe they are human and allows them to live among us.

    When J'onn made wish not to be lonely, he unwittingly freed the White Martians from their imprisonment, because they were the beings on earth most like him. Protex again lead the Martians working in secret to introduce an alien ion that prevented combustion in the earth's atmosphere, eliminating the ability of the inhabitants of earth to use fire against them again.

    They also gathered up latent human telepaths and consumed their brains. Protex found, that by doing so they could increase their telepathic abilities and allow it to extend across galaxies. His plan was to create a fortress on earth where they would be invincible from lack of flames and from their safe have conquer galaxies without ever having to leave. They were foiled when J'onn destroyed all the towers emitting the alien ions and lured them into a fight on the moon. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Kyle Rayner pulled the moon towards the earth, causing it to burn up in the atmosphere while magic users protected the earth form any ill effects. Protex and the martians, faced with death from the burning of the moon surrendered and he, and all the white martians, where imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.

    When J'onn J'onzz overcame his fear of fire and unleashed Fernus. Fernus killed all the white martians to prevent the Justice League from gaining any insight to his history. Protex was likely among the dead.

    Powers & Abilities

    Protex has all the abilities of a normal White Martian. In addition, all members of Hyperclan are trained soldiers.

    • Super Strength - All Martians have strength levels comparable to Kyptonians and Daxamites that are under the effects of yellow sun radiation.
    • Invulnerability - Protex is granted invulnerability just below that of Kryptonians by his Martian physiology
    • Flight - Martians are capable of self propelled flight
    • Super Speed - Martians have speed similar to Kryptonians. This speed applies to running, flying, processing thoughts, and reacting.
    • Telepathy - All Martians are skilled telepaths, capable of mind reading, illusion casting, limited mind control, and other mental manipulations. Protex used this ability to make Superman think he was under the effects of Kryptonite
    • Psi-Spikes - Protex learned to use his mental abilities to create and fire psionic pins that lodge into the central nervous system.
    • Shape-shifting - Martians have a high level of shape shifting ability that stems from complete control over their molecular structure. They can alter their shape, appearance, size, density(to the point where they can move through objects), and even their chemical make up.
    • Regeneration - Protex can heal from nearly any wound almost instantly.
    • Invisibility - Protex is able to utilize his martian abilities to render himself invisible.
    • Martian Vision - Martians projects heat vision-like blasts from their eyes capable of harming Superman.
    • X-ray Vision - J'onn J'onzz described this ability colloquially as ionized particulate matter mapped to a variable density wavepacket. It allows them to see through objects.


    Protex, like all martians, are weakened by fire.


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