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Proteus as Vera Sweet getting belted.
Proteus as Vera Sweet getting belted.

Remington Cord came from the foreign nation of Offalia to America seeking an escape from the crass brutality he had endured all his life. Sadly the poor man found no respite and his heart and mind were twisted by his own growing loneliness and hate, he vowed revenge on the world as a whole and became a shape-shifting crime lord called Proteus (after the Greek deity) and became a major power in the Gotham underworld.

He battled the Creeper several times and was heartbroken when he discovered the Creeper to be none other than his partner and friend Jack Ryder. Now, even more disillusioned he plotted Ryder's demise, nearly killing the Creeper on several occasions.

He attempted to blow up a dam, but seemingly died when he fell over the side. He returned later to menace the Creeper, as well as Wildcat and later the Justice League of America.


Proteus was created by Steve Ditko in 1968. He first appeared in Beware the Creeper 2. He is also considered Creeper's arch nemesis.

Crime Boss

Through Proteus' many disguises he has amassed quite a network of operations. As the Creeper took down different crime bosses and other super-villains he discovers that nearly everyone works for Proteus. Proteus pulls all their strings. He is the crime boss of crime bosses and the Super-villain of Super-villains. Over time as Creeper gets closer to Proteus, Proteus has been known to execute his own men to eliminate any ties to himself. (See the list below.)


Crime Bosses and Gang Leaders

  • Legs Larson (Killed by Proteus)
  • Pipey Boles (Killed by Proteus)



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