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Wisecrack is a super villain from Earth that was trapped in an alien dimension with his lackey, Jackdaw. They have claimed control of their environment, making its inhabitants their slaves. However, Wisecrack wishes he were back on Earth. Meanwhile, Man of War attends a committee hearing gathered together to decide if the government should continue to fund the Protectors, since Mr. Monday and his Steel Army have been apprehended. Later, Ferret makes himself busy by hunting down a criminal attempting to escape the country. Ferret uses unnecesasry violence, breaking the criminals arms and legs, much to the chagrin of Man of War. Before their argument escalates, a large sound interrupts them and they find Mighty Man was punched hard. He explains that he and Amazing Man were training and Amazing Man lost control of himself, falling into a berserker frenzy. The team tries to break Amazing Man out of his frenzy, but to no avail. Fortunately, the Witch is able to use her power to calm Amazing Man down. Ferret expresses that Amazing Man should be kicked from the team but Man of War tells everyone that they are going to help Amazing Man, not abandon him. Meanwhile, Eternal Man spends his free time at home with his lover. Marcia Beckworth visits Richard Reinhart's grave and finds Air Man there. Air Man leaves her alone and she is left pondering if there was more she could do to keep Richard's memory alive. The Eye arrives, telling Marcia that she has the potential to do more. Meanwhile, President O'Brien and Gravestone speak, saying how the true villain the Protector's were united to fight is still at large and how they are not to know about it until the proper time. Elsewhere, The Arrow arrives in Washinton, determined to be part of the Protectors. Meanwhile, the Protectors are fitted with brand new costumes and they all attend the group meeting that night, including Philip Reinhart, the team's mentor who was recently injured in an attack by Mr. Monday. Air Man introduces the team to an ally, Thresher, who then informs the team of a threat regarding doorways to other dimensions. He also relays the information that he was kidnapped by a villain known as the Conqueror to divine Thresher's information on the doorways, since his mother came through a doorway from another dimension, but Thresher had no idea. When Man of War hears the name of the Conqueror, he realizes the threat, since the Conqueror was supposed to have died five years ago. Suddenly, a new member joins the meeting: Marcia Beckworth is the new Night Mask.

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