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The Arrow meets with Man of War, and asks to be part of the Protectors. Man of War does not allow the Arrow to join because the Arrow is not opposed to killing, which is an important edict for the Protectors. Man of War then tells the Arrow that if he plans on working alone, he shouldn't, or the Protectors will be forced to track him down. Meanwhile, Marcia Beckworth and Nightmask, Richard Reinhart, visit his father, Philip Reinhart, in the hospital. After the assault on Philip and Marcia by Mr. Monday and his Steel Army, Philip Reinhart may be unable to walk again. Their discussion leads to the conclusion that someone on the team must be a traitor, since no one is supposed to know about Philip Reinhart's ties to the Protectors. Meanwhile, the rest of the members of the Protectors are dealing with their off time. Air Man rents a boat and takes it off to sea, saying he is off to find a shark. Mighty Man spends time with his family in a museum and is met with the Witch, a teammate he does not think of favorably. Eternal Man spends his free time at home, with his love. Ferret and Amazing Man spend their time sparring in the Protector's headquarters. Aura and Arc are on monitor duty, viewing the news broadcast for any leads when Gravestone appears suddenly. The team is the called by Man of War, telling them that the Steel Army are attacking the Washington Monument. The available team rushes off to battle and prevent the Steel Army from destroying the national landmark. A small gathering of citizens applaud the team for their heroism. Later that night, Ferret finds Richard Reinhart, Night Mask, practicing on the deck of their headquarters. Ferret tells Night Mask to give it up, he is not good enough to be a part of the Protectors. Night Mask takes offense and they both fight, with Night Mask trying to prove himself. Marcia Beckworth arrives and stops the fight that Night Mask clearly lost. Ferret leaves, having proven his point, and leaves the two behind. Night Mask makes a romantic move but Marcia rebuffs him, only wanting to be friends. Marcia leaves, thinking that Ferret may be right about his claims. Meanwhile, Mr. Monday answers to his boss and decide that a plan of attack is in order against the Protectors.

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