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John Prophet
John Prophet

In 1937, John Prophet was poor and homeless. He was hired by Dr. Wells to submit to experiments that would grant him enhanced abilities far beyond normal men. He was engineered to serve the evil Phillip Omen and programmed with murderous instincts. Wells had a change of heart though and changed Prophet's programming from evil to a strong belief in God. To protect Prophet, he sent him through time to different eras, all of which Prophet would fight the forces of evil, although his fragmented memory would often become his main enemy. His warrior skills were his only connection to himself.

He disappeared from society shortly thereafter, only to be found in a cryogenic stasis by the Berzerkers and later awaken by Cougar and Combat from Youngblood. His life long enemy is Lord Darkthorn and his followers, the Disciples. He is good friends with the hero, Supreme.

Character Evolution

In the future, John Prophet's genes are used as the template for the Earth Empire's Prophet clones: aggressive automatons designed to survive the harsh conditions of the outer worlds and with the sole purpose of subjugating those worlds for the Empire.

Initially under the control of the Brain-mothers, Prophets at the outer edges of the galaxy developed autonomy and resistance to the mind control of the Brain-mothers.

Powers and Abilities

Prophet is an enhanced human. His speed, strength, durability and stamina have been increased to superhuman levels, far exceeding the average human. He is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant and possesses above average fighting skill. Prophet is a master swordsman and is also proficient with the use of melee weapons and firearms. He is often seen with two fairly large swords with which he wields easily and efficiently in combat.

Other Versions

In the future, there are a limitless number of Prophets (clones), with different characteristics and appearances. Some even appear to be alien species or cyborgs. Notable Prophets include Old Man Prophet, New-Father John Prophet, and the tailed John Prophet.

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