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Mother will Kill you

John Prophet is a clone. Not only one clone, but a whole multitude of them. If you want, compare John Prophet with the Stormtroopers in Star Wars (The Clone Wars as seen in Episode III). John Prophet has a mission. Launched and in hibernation in a pod for centuries, even millenia, once awaken, he must complete Mother's mission: to secure Earth's Empire shall rise again. But, once in a while, all the years of programming and deleting of the notion of identity, is washed away and John Prophet may experience what is to be human again, even if humanity now is nothing but a bunch of regressed, a throw back in evolution, primitive looking ape or just a thread of hope that it's force and vastitude still linger on the universe. This story is about John Prophet seeing for himself/herself that hope still breathes, that hope still springs and that change can happen. This story is about John Prophet learning things that go beyond his/her training, that he/she can learn what being human truly means. This story is also a very good example of how Simon Roy has a great part in this series (not only Brandon Graham) in building up all the alien races, their designs, their languages, Prophet's gadgets, the scenarios of this alien world. Roy isn't a brilliant artist, but he sure handled himself very well.

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