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 Texas born Curt Calhoun was working as the foreman at Kord Omniversal Research and Development Inc. Being in charge of the metallurgy laboratory when an accident covered him in a molten titanium/vanadium alloy infused with promethium. This occurred when he pushed his employer, Ted Kord out harms way of the raining metal.

 On the to the hospital, Curt's ambulance was intercepted by Steve Dayton's agents and Curt was taken away. Dayton used his Mento psionic powered helmet to transform the molten metal into a permanent metal skin around Curt. Curt is naturally an easygoing man who does not want to fight the Titans. He hopes for the day he can return to his life as it was when he was still human.
It appears that Prometheus and many members of the Hybrid were killed while fighting in the villain Roulette's "House" arena.

Powers and Abilities

The powerful metal shell around Prometheus is virtually invulnerable, he possesses great super-strength, and is capable of raising the temperature of his armored form to several hundred degrees Celsius, making him capable of melting most other types of metals.

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