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    Prometheus is one the Greek Titans. He is the titan of forethought and the benefactor of mankind.

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    Prometheus is the patron of humanity it Greek Legend. He is a son of Iapetus the Titan by Clymene or Themis. His brothers were Atlas, Epimetheus (hindsight) and Menoetius. His paternal grandparents were Uranus and Gaia. His maternal grandparents were either Oceanus and Tethys (parents of Clymene) Uranus and Gaea (parents of Themis). Prometheus gifted humanity with fire and other civilizing arts.

    Because fire was a privilege of the Gods, Prometheus was punished by Zeus, chained t a rock in the Caucasus. He was visited daily by one of Zeus' eagles which ate his liver. Being immortal, Prometheus regenerated at night and was still alive to face the torture of the next day. He was set free by Hercules, to whom he has been eternally grateful and loyal to since, after enduring many generations of this punishment.

    Prometheus can travel between the dimensions of Olympus and Earth. Although he can heal others, his ability at such is not as great as Apollo's. He's precognitive and possess the usual traits of Olympians, including immortality and the ability to regenerate from wounds.


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