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    Adversaries of the DNAgents. They are a homage to the New Teen Titans.

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    Project: Youngblood was a teenage team of superheroes contacted to found and capture the DNAgents, after being told the agents were criminal renegades. The team found them in Las Vegas, where the DNAgents were, but they put their differences aside when discovered the ruse. But when they banded together to confront the poeplo who manipulate them, a runaway nuclear reactor threatened with destroy the city. The members of the team choose to sacrifice their lives heroically to save the city and their newest friends


    The team was created as part of an unofficial crossover between the Teen Titans and the DNAgents, seen in DNAgents 14 and Tales of the Teen Titans 48 The same story was told from the other team's view and in both cases the homage/parody team died heroically. The DNAgents analogs in the Teen Titans story were the RECOMbatants.


    The members of the Youngblood were:


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