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My thoughts on Project Superpowers: " Last Gleaming."

Project Superpowers is one those you really like or you really hate and I don't do reviews on things "I really hate." so here is my Thoughts on Project Superpowers.

1. For me it has some that same vibe as DCU's Terra Obscure vol 1 & 2 with most of the Charters in it .

2. The story is good because it pick up years after World War Two when theses heroes for lack of better term just faded away into history where they are forgotten about as far fans go.

3. like Terra Obscure fans don't have to go back to older issue to pick up enjoy it , because it's self contestant .

I submit that for though who want another superhero arc that are not the "Big Two." to give this a shot .


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    A fantastic issue to commence a series that is sure to be just as good. The cover art is breathtaking! The inner art is just as good and the script leaves you satisfied. When reading this comic you feel as if you are a part of their world, right off the bat. It feels as if you've known it's people for as long as you've lived. The Flying Yank is no exception, he is the key character to this story and you feel as though you would have made his same, awful choices. It's wonderful, feeling such symp...

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    Best Relaunch 0

    Project Superpowers is an exciting relaunch of beloved characters from the early days of comics. These characters made my heartstrings tingle. It's like watching Superman: The Movie for the first time. You read these pages and especially the thoughts of the Fighting Yank and it really could make your eyes swell. The story is told from Yank's perspective and surprised me that there was discord and confusion in what "patriotism" means to different generations.The truth is there are different sides...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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