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    Team » Project Rising Spirit appears in 89 issues.

    A arms contractor in the Valiant universe who experiment on, and sometimes create, super powered beings. They are responsible for creating Bloodshot.

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    The formation of Rising Spirit Securities took place in 1850 it has been shown that they are often contracted out by the US Military to send their super-powered "operatives" on Black Ops missions. They have more patents than any other company in the U.S. Rising Spirit creates and sells weapons. During WW2, Rising Spirit tech was found in German V-2 Rockets and Manhattan Project facilities. The organization is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians when one of their creations, Bloodshot, gunned down an entire town. It is unclear if Bloodshot did this under the control pf P.R.S. or if he had malfunctioned.


    Project Rising Spirit were created by writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Arturo Lozzi and Manuel Garcia. They first appeared in the story "Bloodshot Part 1: Dunk Tank" in Bloodshot #1 (Jul. 2012).


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