I prefer The Dark Knight

Like the realism and the Joker if i choose to see another sequel it will be Hellboy 2 liked the first, for the Hulk maybe to see the Fight between Hulk and The Abomination.



Would you survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?51%

It's a toss up. You may not make it, but you probably would. But don't get cocky. Stay on your toes, keep your eyes peeled and don't drink tap water. And don't trust anyone with long sleeves...

Could you survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?
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You have about a 79% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

You have really good odds. Most likely, you'll live, even if you screw people over to do it. The only thing you may have to worry about would be an uprising by your group against you for taking all the supplies and ammo.

Zombie Survival Test
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You'll survive through 57% of the movie!

Halfway through the movie, you get bitten and die of bloodloss. You were halfway to surviving... So close, yet so far.

How Long Would You Survive in a Horror Movie?
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What Scarface character are you?
Your Result: Tony Montana

You are the incredibly awsome Tony Montana! You let no one get in your way. If they are in your way, you send those f***ers back to hell with you lil friend. Watch out though, you will make many enemies, because you want the world and everything in it. This will lead to your down fall.

Manny Ribera
Hector the Toad
Frank Lopez
Alejandro Sosa
What Scarface character are you?
Which Horror or Thriller Movie Should You Star In?
Your Result: Final Destination

It's a little unnerving that you can predict all these creepy things that are going to happen in the future, but just be sure to sort out the clues and try to protect yourself, and hopefully you are nice enough to protect your friends, also.

Friday the 13th
The Shining
Which Horror or Thriller Movie Should You Star In?
Which Hereos Character are you?
Your Result: Issac Mendez

Isaac is very confused and upset about his powers in the beginning, but he eventually comes to terms with them as well as with his destiny. He provides a strong moral base that all the heroes can rely on. Isaac can paint the future.

Hiro Nakamura
Peter Petrelli
Jessica Sanders
Matt Parkman
Nathan Petrelli
Niki Sanders
Claire Bennet
Which Hereos Character are you?
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Which Doctor Who are you?
Your Result: You are the First Doctor!

You are a grumpy old scatterbrain, but you always know exactly what to do in a crisis. You're also very protective of those that you care about, and would do anything to keep them from harm.

You are the Sixth Doctor!
You are the Fourth Doctor!
You are the Third Doctor!
You are the Fifth Doctor!
You are the Second Doctor!
You are the Seventh Doctor!
You are the Eighth Doctor!
Which Doctor Who are you?
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